Welcome to the FALEFOS project website!

  • How can the conditions be improved for raising children in surrogate families?
  • What is the best possible way to support social workers, foster parents and biological parents?
  • How can foster parents learn to better understand their foster children’s biological parents?
  • How can biological parents, for the sake of their children, cooperate with foster parents?
  • How can social workers and foster parents accompany and strengthen biological parents in their grieving process?

Amongst others, these are the questions we are dealing with in the FaLeFos project. FaLeFos stands for Family Learning in Foster families. It is the aim of this project to strengthen and improve, for the well-being of the children, mutual understanding and cooperation between foster parents, biological parents and social workers. Children in foster families are at the centre of all efforts and activities.

The two-year project started in November 2013.